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Acclaim FCU will hold its Annual Meeting of Members on Friday, March 22, 2019, at 12:00 PM in the Credit Union Conference Room located at 1823 Banking Street, Greensboro, NC 27408. Elections will be held at the meeting to fill three seats on the Board of Directors. The nominating committee has made nominations for vacancies on the Board. The election will not be conducted by ballot and there will be no nominations from the floor when the number of nominees equals the number of positions to be filled. However, additional nominations may be made by petition prior to the meeting. To be nominated by petition, a completed petition signed by at least 71 members must be submitted to the Board Secretary no later than Sunday, February 17, 2019, at the following address:  Joanne Otto, Nominating Committee, Acclaim FCU, P.O. Box 29527 Greensboro, NC 27429. If you would like more information about submitting a petition, please contact Valerie Marsh at the credit union office.

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Nancy Zavala
Carla Ugboro, Incumbent
Lara Heberle, Incumbent

Everyone knows that being financially responsible means saving for the future, but not everyone does something about it.


Consider these findings from the 2016 Retirement Confidence Survey:

  • 26% of workers report they have less than $1,000 in savings or investments for retirement.
  • 19% of workers are not confident about having enough money to retire in comfort.
  • 22% of workers have no idea how much they should be saving for retirement.

If you fit into any of these categories, take action today! Your retirement might be years away, but the earlier you start saving for your golden years, the easier it will be to enjoy this stage, worry-free.

Call or stop by Acclaim Federal Credit Union today and let us help you start taking responsible steps towards a financially secure future.

Our nation’s tax season will begin in late January and the deadline for filing is April 15, 2019.  Refunds can take time depending on various factors such as filing date and method of return, ie: direct deposit, physical mailed check, etc.  But, why wait?  Acclaim offers a Tax Loan so you can get your refund now!  Call us or visit our Seasonal Loan webpage to learn more.

Scammers after your W-2 can cause all kinds of trouble.

Tax season means a paperwork blizzard. Often, someone loses a copy of an important document and needs it reissued. Naturally, everyone’s too busy to verify the authenticity of each request.

That’s what scammers are counting on with a ploy targeting tax form preparers. In this scheme, the scammer sends an email claiming to be a hired company or someone from the IRS requiring duplicate copies of W-2s. An overworked clerk, fearing noncompliance with the IRS, innocently sends the forms.

Using the personally identifiable information on these forms, fraudsters can open fake credit cards, apply for loans or file a fraudulent tax return in an attempt to grab a refund check.


If you’re targeted

If you prepare W-2s, be on guard for these fake emails. Here’s the sample text from one such message:

“ATTN: Due to some complains (sic) we had concerning the W-2 mismatch, We advice (sic) you to send your 2018 filled W-2 form in (PDF) format for confirmation.”

Note the abbreviations, the typographical errors and the poor punctuation. These should tell you this isn’t the work of the IRS – the tax authority knows its grammar!

You may also get a similar message appearing to be from your boss. Watch for the same typos and confirm these requests in another message that you send (not as a reply to the original).

If someone really needs another copy, it’s safest to mail it to them. It’s also unlikely that someone will need copies of all W-2s. Be suspicious of any such request.

If you’re a victim

If your information has been unwittingly compromised, take these steps to minimize the possible fallout:

  1. Call the three major credit bureaus to request a fraud alert on your account. This will force anyone who wants to issue credit in your name to verify their identity.
  2. Order a copy of your credit report and review all the accounts that are open in your name. Review statements for the accounts you have as well. If you see a suspicious account or charge anywhere, shut the account in question immediately.
  3. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at www.identitytheft.gov.

It’s worth filing your taxes early. If a thief tries to file a tax return using your information after you’ve already done so, the IRS will be alerted to the fraud.


We’ve had some exciting changes in the Credit Union during 2018!  Earlier this year, Christie took on the role of HR/Training Manager. Daniel has joined our team as Credit Solutions manger. David has moved from the Loan Department to become our new Compliance Specialist.  And we have hired three new Member Service Representatives.  Let’s welcome Jenny, Alberto, and Sebastian to our team!

Cesar and Victoria have also taken on the new roles of Universal Associates. These employees are well rounded in Member Services as well as Loan Services. This should help simplify your credit union experience and eliminate the need to be shuffled around to multiple representatives.  We are looking forward to a successful new year!


January 1, 2019 – New Year’s day
January 21, 2019 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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