Step 3 of 12 to Financial Wellness: Pay Down Debt

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[You’ve tracked your spending, designed a budget for your monthly expenses, and you’re well on your way to financial wellness. In this next step, you’ll create a plan for paying down your existing debt.] Consumer debt can be one of the biggest challenges to realizing good financial wellness. Credit card companies design their business model Read More »

What is a Fraud Ring and How Can I Keep Myself Safe?

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Q: I’ve been hearing a lot about fraud rings and how dangerous they can be for both businesses and consumers. What is a fraud ring, and how can I keep myself safe from falling victim?

A: A fraud ring is a group of fraudsters and merchants that can operate for years, stealing money and information while

Step 2 of 12 to Financial Wellness: Creating a Budget

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Now that you’ve tracked your spending and kept a careful record of where your money goes over the course of a month, you’re ready to move onto the next step of financial wellness: creating a budget. (See  Budgets play a crucial role in promoting financial awareness, which then helps to facilitate more responsible money choices. Read More »