Scholarship Vision Fund 2017

The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation is offering the "Scholar Vision Fund," which is a collection of scholarships sponsored by credit unions in the Carolinas and as Acclaim members, you have the chance to apply and be rewarded with a scholarship! These scholarships are to assist local students achieve their dreams of a higher education. Here is a list of the current scholarship funds:

  • The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Allegacy Federal Credit Union’s Mel Hughes Scholarship Fund

  • Blue Flame Credit Union Scholarship Fund

  • Local Government Federal Credit Union Scholarship Fund

  • Members Credit Union’s Betty Stevenson Scholarship Fund

  • Members Credit Union General Scholarship Fund

  • Piedmont Advantage Credit Union's Members Come First Scholarship Fund
  • Summit Credit Union’s Elizabeth Hamilton Scholarship Fund

  • Truliant Federal Credit Union’s Fred Sarda Scholarship Fund

To apply, please click here and read through the details of the scholarship funds. Remember, you have to be a member of any credit union in the Carolinas in order to qualify. So if you're an Acclaim member, we highly encourage you to apply!

Good luck! :)