Savings Accounts

Ever wonder “What exactly is a share savings account?” Well, to start, it is a savings account. But because credit unions are owned and operated by their members, this account represents your SHARE of the financial cooperative. Your share into the credit union, whether you have only the minimum requirement of $25.00 or if you have more, entitles you to a vote in any business meeting of the organization, and it signifies your ownership of the credit union. At Acclaim, Act like you own the place. You do.

Christmas Club Accounts

Say “no” to holiday stress! With the Christmas Club account, you will “jingle all the way” to your favorite places and get that holiday shopping done early! This account is designed to assist you in saving your money in time for the holidays. To achieve this, there is a $20 penalty for each and every early withdrawal from the Christmas Club account. Every account matures on October 1st, and funds are disbursed to your savings account by default. If you want to save for Santa, contact your Member Services Department today at 336-332-5302. There’s no time to waste! Santa Claus is coming to town!