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MasterCard Credit Card

  • No Annual Fee
  • 25-Day Grace Period for purchases
  • No Minimum Finance Charge
  • Balance Transfers-We pay YOU!
  • You'll Always Know Your Rate
  • Paperless Statements
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • Late Fee of $25
  • Earns ScoreCard Reward Points
  • View & Pay MasterCard bill

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Personal Loans

  • No Loan Application Fees
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Payments are easy with Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction, or pay directly with Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments from other financial institutions 

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Other Loans

  • Boats
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans
  • Motorcycles
  • Savings Secured Loans
  • Revolving Overdraft Lines of Credit

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EMV Chip & PIN Credit Card Q&A

Starting in November, Acclaim will begin the process of sending credit cards with the new updated “chip and PIN” system to members whenever their current credit card expires. We are making these changes to comply with new U.S. laws and to provide better, more advanced security measures that a credit card with only the magnetic strip doesn’t have. To learn more details about using credit cards with a chip and PIN, please view the FAQ below.

What is an EMV chip card and how does it work?

The EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) card is a credit card that has a technology chip embedded in the card in order to make the card a “smart” card. Instead of swiping your card at a card reader in a store, you insert your card in the reader, wait for the transaction to process, enter your PIN when prompted, and remove the card from the reader when the transaction is finished processing.


How is the EMV chip more secure than what I already have?
The EMV chip in the credit card makes producing a counterfeit card an immensely difficult process. The EMV chip will cut down on fraud online and offline by producing a different one-time code for each and every transaction that is done on your account. Even if the one-time code is acquired or the card data is copied, it leads to a dead end, as neither the code nor the data can be replicated. You also have to enter your PIN during the transaction, which adds an additional security step to your purchase.

What if the business does not yet accept the credit card chip?

No problem. The magnetic strip on the back of the card will allow you to process the transaction as you have before.

What about my online shopping? Does that change too?

That does not change. You will still be able to do your online shopping in the same way you do right now. But, some merchants that do use EMV chip technology may require you to enter the PIN for your chip card as part of the checkout process.

How will ATMs handle the new chip cards?

For any machine that accepts the new chip-and-PIN cards, you will leave the card in the machine from the beginning of the transaction until the end just like you do at during a purchase in a store. This is because the ATM will be verifying the details on the card to make sure it matches with the PIN you type in. So don’t worry if you do not get your card back immediately after you place it in. Once the transaction is over, your card goes back to you. And if it’s an older ATM, you can still use the debit card like you always have because your card still has the magnetic strip on the back.

So where exactly can I use my new card?

Anywhere. In fact, more than 80 countries world-wide have already integrated the chip-and-PIN system into their transactions.