Children & Teen Accounts

Kirby Kangaroo Club (ages 0-12)

Enroll your child in a Kirby Kangaroo Club account and your kids can learn to save and have fun as they grow. It’s FREE! Your child, from newborn through 12 years old, will receive:

  • A special thank you gift for joining
  • A quarterly statement addressed to your child
  • A quarterly newsletter written for kids and addressed to your child
  • Quarterly paid dividends starting with the initial $25.00 deposit
  • Periodic prizes
  • A yearly birthday card
  • A special gift with every visit to the office
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Claim Your Youth Program (ages 13-17)

Claim Your Youth is perfect for teens. With Claim Your Youth, teens can learn to manage their money and get valuable information on a wide variety of financial topics. Everything is covered from balancing a checkbook to funding a college education. A special section on our website is reserved just for your teen. It’s FREE, it’s FUN, and it’s HERE at YOUR Credit Union. 

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