What is a Select Employee Group?

A Select Employee Group (SEG) is a business or association partner of Acclaim Federal Credit Union that secures credit union membership eligibility for its employees at no cost and without the administrative responsibility of starting up a credit union on its own.

By becoming a SEG of Acclaim, you’re making a bold statement to your employees that they deserve to have an option in financial institution - an option that delivers an exceptional member experience. The benefits of becoming a SEG of Acclaim are two-fold – there are benefits for the company and benefits for the employees. Offering credit union membership to your employees is a great way to enhance your current benefit package at no cost to your business! Employees will value having a choice in financial institutions that they may have not otherwise had. Acclaim will provide a Business Development Representative to each SEG which can provide informational materials for break rooms, orientations for credit union membership education and we will “ bring the credit union to you” by offering membership drives at your location.

Employees under less stress, including financial stress, are able to shift all their focus on workat work. As the employer of financially fit employees, you’ll reap those rewards! Acclaim wants to experience the joy of helping members achieve their financial goals. Our members are our owners, so they always receive service fit for a shareholder!

What is a credit union?

Member-owned cooperative
Not-for-profit financial institution
Valuable employee benefit
Specialized services
People helping people
Guided by a volunteer Board of Directors
Higher savings rates
Lower borrowing rates
Little to no service fees

Why Acclaim?

Established by VF Corporation in 1972
Community participation
Partnership opportunities
Nearly 5,000 Shared Credit Union branches worldwide
75,000 + Surcharge Free ATMs worldwide

How do I start my membership?

Acclaim is a multiple common bond credit union that only offers membership to employees or association members of a SEG and their immediate family. After a SEG is approved, any employee or member of that company or association, along with their immediate family can establish their membership. With this, the member now becomes an owner of Acclaim and may use the various financial products and services offered.

For more information, contact us at Marketing@AcclaimFCU.org.