Skip-a-Pay for Charity!

Acclaim FCU’s Skip-a-Pay for Charity allows you to skip your December payment for installment and revolving loans and your January 4, 2018 MasterCard payment. In order to participate in this program, your Acclaim FCU membership must be in good standing*, your loan must have been open for at least six (6) months, and you must submit a written Application, Disclosure, and Agreement for each loan you wish to skip. A $25 application fee will be applied for each Skip-a-Pay request and will be taken from the account you indicate on your form, regardless if the application is approved or denied. The funds must be available at the time you turn in your application.

In order to process your Skip-a-Pay request in a timely manner, the form must be submitted by Thursday, November 30, 2017.

What's even better than skipping your payment is Half of your Skip-a-Pay Application fee of $25 goes to your choice of one(1) of the following three(3) charities: 

* American Cancer Society

*Habitat for Humanity

*National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Click here for your Skip-a-Pay form!

Please note: For payments you generate (for example, payments you set up with a bill payment service, payments initiated at another financial institution, etc.) you are responsible for stopping the payment for the month you enact Skip-a-Pay.  Any automatic transfers generated by Acclaim FCU will be deposited to your Acclaim FCU Savings Account for the Skip-A-Pay month. Some loans, such as Mortgage, Home Equity, and Share Secured Loans do not qualify.

*All Acclaim FCU loans must have been kept current for the past 6 months, with no collection action pending. Your account must not be overdrawn, and you must have sufficient funds on deposit to cover the $25 application fee. Be sure to include a check or Money Order in the amount of $25 if you do not have the available funds already in your account.